Star vs. The Key Necklace

Star vs. The Key NecklaceNo matter what the odds are, Star’s determination is unmatched. If there’s a way to get out, she will find it. When I pulled out the Darby cuffs however, she knew she was in trouble. To make it a fair fight (not really), I chained the key around her neck. All she had to do was get it into her hands and unlock the cuffs. Chaining her legs into a frogtie did make that a bit more difficult. After several minutes I tip the scales further by tying a vibrator against her pussy, putting escape far out of Star’s mind. As I watched the orgasms consume her I couldn’t help but wonder, whose favor did I tip the scales?

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0427HD – Kendra James

0427HD - Kendra JamesKendra is stuck on the couch with her Ledermeister gag securely in place. She tries desperately to escape the strong leather straps hugging her body with little success. A clip for those struggling fans!

1280 x 720 High Definition

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Crash vs. The Couch Spread

Crash vs. The Couch SpreadWhen you discover your girl has an love of crotch ropes, well, you give her a crotch rope! I rigged her up with a tight one and tied it off to one side of the couch while tying off her wrists to the other. Crash is going nowhere which is just the way she wants it. As she struggles I can’t help myself but to add more ropes leaving her whole body wide open. As if her crotch rope wasn’t pulled tight enough already by now I really get her jumping with some tickling. In the end I leave her to her crotch rope which Crash is all too happy to do!

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Kizzy Lee vs. The Purple Binds

Kizzy Lee vs. The Purple BindsGirls are like in a candy store the first time they come over. All they see are shoes and outfits, never the bondage gear that surrounds them. I offered Kizzy the chance to try on anything and I would match it with bondage gear. One purple catsuit and a pair white ballet heels later and it was my turn. I bound her legs with rope for the shoes and added a big purple ball gag for the catsuit. Kizzy was confident she was going to get off easy until I zipped up her armbinder. She mumbled something about it not being fair through her gag. I guess I didn’t mention the catsuit and armbinder come as a set. Must have slipped my mind.

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Leila Hazlett vs. The Key Toss

Leila Hazlett vs. The Key TossThere’s no such thing as overkill when trying to secure a crafty girl like Leila. So when I put the box of cuffs in front of her and she asked which ones I was going to use the answer was easy. All of them! 5 sets of handcuffs, two leg cuffs and finished off with thumbcuffs. Once I add her blindfold the fun begins as I toss her keys around the room for her to find. Leila squirms around the room trying to find the right keys she doesn’t know that half of them are decoys. I have a feeling she’s going to be stuck for a long while!

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Billie vs. The Hogtie Workout

Billie vs. The Hogtie WorkoutIt seems that Billie can never catch a break from the rubber bands when she’s around me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m sure it has something to do the fact they frustrate the hell out of her. Today is no exception when Billie find herself rendered helpless by a handful of rubber bands. In some ways her predicament is worse than a typical hogtie; she can’t even turn over! Billie gives it her all but I have a feeling it will be awhile before any of those bands decide to let her go.

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Sarah vs. The Hair Anchor

Sarah vs. The Hair AnchorSarah can be a feisty girl (all redheads are right?), but lucky for us she can be tamed with the help of a few ropes. I have her put on her own gag and handcuffs but adding my own flair to the mix. With her wrists padlocked to the couch I’m free to put her beautiful long hair in a tight hair-tie. I tie it off to her ankles causing her to pull on it with every struggle. I should mention that Sarah REALLY loves her hair pulled. After she gets herself all worked up I re-cuff her wrists behind her back and attach them to the hair-tie which, as you may have guessed, really drives her crazy!

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Viorica vs. The Bag Struggle

Viorica vs. The Bag StruggleI get a lot of emails with requests and ideas from fans and members. This was a member request that I thought would be fun and so did Viorica. I start her out with multiple layers trashbags held in place with heavy electrical tape. More tape and more bags are added until she is well secured. As a finishing touch, holes are cut revealing her plastic covered breasts. I leave her to struggle to get free but the tape does its job well; stretching just far enough to tire her out. I’m not quite done yet and wrap her head tightly with vetwrap leaving her gagged and blind. Will she have the strength and energy to break free or is she stuck for the night?

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Deanna vs. The Creaking Chair

Deanna vs. The Creaking ChairNothing seems to evoke the damsel in every girl better than a chair tie. For Deanna though, peril was truly foremost in her mind. It could have been the tight ropes wrapped around her body or maybe that she was on her own to escape. My comment on the chairs lack of stability as I tied the last knot probably isn’t helping her mindset either. Try to escape or hope for release? One thing is for sure. Deanna had better decide fast, those nipple clamps aren’t getting any looser.

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Harmony vs. The Chain Jacket

Harmony vs. The Chain JacketIt has been a while since I last had Harmony over and she was hungry for a challenge. Inescapable was that word I she used and took a fancy to one of my straightjackets. With a knowing grin I lace her into a pair of armbinders, cross them in front and hold them in place with heavy chain. Several meters of chain are added around her waist, between her legs, and locked tightly in place. Locking a final chain between her legs I give her some time to test things out. Right away she notices the effect each pull of her arms has on her crotch chain. That’s my queue to add a vetwrap and panty gag and let the fun begin.

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