Batgirl Chained

Batgirl ChainedBatgirl awakes in chains. Obviously she has failed at her mission. She vows to get out of her predicament, but the chains pull her body in a tight spread eagle. She can barely struggle. Includes bondage, metal bondage, chains, cuffs, superheroine

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Star’s Reward

Star's RewardStar has been kept in this strange house of girls for a long time. She finds herself chained spread eagle on the ground or tied, spread eagle, standing so frequently. She is never sure what to expect. Sometimes she is whipped, flogged, interrogated. Sometimes she is gagged and fucked. Today she has been told she will be receiving a reward. Her long toned body is stretched out, arms and legs chained off, spread eagle. Odette enters and begins to caress Star’s body with her small, soft hands. She builds focus on her exposed pussy. Once she has Star nice and slick with massage oil and pussy juices, Odette reaches for the hitatchi and brings Star temporary release. Includes bondage, restrains, chains, massage, oil, fọrcd orgasms

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Punchy Interrogation

Punchy InterrogationRandy Moore has some questions. Star hasn’t been a very cooperative interrogation subject though, so Randy has stripped her down to just her heels and tied her spread eagle to the wall. Randy checks Star’s binds before beginning to caress her bare belly, continuing with her questioning. Star is still uncooperative so Randy buries her fist in Star’s exposed belly again & again. Includes bondage, bdsm, interrogation, belly punching

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Night Patrol

Night PatrolAn A. R. Tiste production – background music throughout. Star is the night patrol woman at a bank that has been cased for robbery. The robbers are able to surprise her & leave her cleave gagged and tied to a chair in her security gaurd uniform and RHT stockings. Includes rope bondage, damsel in distress, DID, uniforms, RHT stockings 6 minutes

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Kym Whips Star

Kym Whips StarStar is tied standing in heels and a shiny little dress, her arms far apart over her head and her legs spread. Kym enters with a long dragon tail whip and uses the pretty blond for target practice, taunting her between strokes. Includes whipping, rope bondage 10 minutes 6.99

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Star Bound In Nylon

Star Bound In NylonAn A. R. Tiste production – background noise throughout. Star struggles in her vintage bra and pantie-girdle. Her wrists are bound to the bed frame above her head with nylon and her ankles are bound together with nylon as well. Her gag is a red ball stuffed inside pantyhose and tied tight around her head. Star uses her long legs, first to attempt to free her hands, then to reach the rotary phone that has been placed on the floor far away from her. She manages to reach the phone and dial with her nylon toes, talking through her gag. Includes bondage, DID, nylon bondage, pantyhose bondage, gags, gag talk 4 minutes

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RackedStar’s long limbs are stretched tightly over the wooden table. Stretched so far she can barely move, she struggles against the rope binding her ankles and wrists. You enter and she pleads to be set free. When your hand moves to the rope she believes you’re about to untie her – to her horror, you merely tighten the rope. Includes rope bondage, DID

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Nightmare Remodel

Nightmare RemodelStar stands in her bathroom in black lingerie talking on the phone, she’s just had some slight renovations to the tub and she’s not very happy with them. Finishing her conversation, she steps into the tub to further consider the work. A man enters and grabs her by the arms, stuffing her mouth with a white gag before wrapping her mouth with black tape. He pulls her to the floor and binds her wrists and elbows with the tape while she struggles. He tapes together her ankles and knees and places her back in the tub. Star is left for a long time to struggle and try to free herself before the man returns. He cuts her legs free and drags her out of the room with him. Includes bondage tape, stuffed gag, damsel in distress, tape gag, struggling

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Ab-ductedStar is captured, bound in a standing position with her hands over her head. She struggles in her strappy high heels and mini-dress. Later she is bound spread eagle on the bed, her limbs tightly spread apart, she can barely move, but still struggles in an attempt to untie herself. You can see up her short skirt, she’s wearing no panties. Now she is nude, in the same position, her torso bathed in natural light.

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Questioned and Quenched

Questioned and QuenchedDixie has Star tied spread-eagle to the beg and interrogates her, whipping the front of her body, thighs, pussy, breasts with a leather crop. Star begs for a sip of water and Dixie holds the glass to her lips before continuing the interrogation. Includes on camera tying, bondage, interrogation, bdsm, riding crop

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